Sep 15, 2022

The BACCM™ CANVAS is a one-page model that captures each component of the business analysis core concept model for any given initiative. It is useful for establishing the foundation of the work to be done and charting a path for delivery to achieve business outcomes.

It’s a great communication tool that depicts what an initiative is all about at a glance, clearly highlighting the business needs, expected changes and business outcomes.


The BACCM™ CANVAS can be a:

  • One page summary of the business project/ initiative
  • Communication tool for
  • Great communication tool for non-business and external stakeholders
  • Useful for planning and preparing for elicitation
  • Quick onboarding tool for new project stakeholders
  • Great input/ starting point for Organisation change management (OCM) strategy
  • Reference point and guardrails for all team members as they continue to design and build the solution through multiple iterations

You can design your own canvas following the steps depicted in the schematics below:





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