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Pollard Consults provides training and career development services to individuals and corporate clients in the areas of Business Analysis, Project Management & Agile, Organizational Change Management, and Product management.

We EQUIP highly motivated professionals with the mindset, knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to start and thrive in their new careers.

Our approach to knowledge and skills transfer is immersive and highly practical. 

We deliver our promises to clients by leveraging the skills and experiences of expert trainers with over 35 years of combined industry experience spanning several complex technologies, systems integration, project management, business process management, and business transformation projects across the globe.

We also provide our top-performing learners with practical internship opportunities. Experience has shown that this not only reinforces the knowledge and skills acquired during the training but also boosts their confidence to apply for and land their dream jobs. 

Business Analysis Practicum

Start your business analysis career leveraging the concepts, principles, frameworks, tools and techniques built into our Business Analysis Practicum.

Get EQUIPPED with the skills and knowledge you need to help organizations implement solutions that improve their processes, products, services, and systems.

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Agile Project Management Practicum 

Our Agile project management practicum teaches the skills and techniques needed to successfully plan, execute, and deliver projects on time and within budget, using traditional, agile or hybrid approaches. You'll learn about project scope, schedules, budgets, and stakeholders, and have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through real-world case studies and exercises.

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Organizational Change Management Practicum

Learn the latest best practices and techniques for managing change within organizations. From how to assess the need for change, develop a change management plan, to ensuring that change is implemented smoothly and successfully. You also get to apply learnings using real-world case studies and exercises.

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Hi, I'm Oge...


I am an organizational transformation consultant with over 15 years of experience across multiple industry domains. I have served as a project manager, business analyst, and organizational change manager on diverse business transformation projects.

I hold two First-Class honors degrees, one in applied accounting and another in Industrial chemistry. I have also earned several professional certifications along the way; CBAP®, PMP®, PROSCI®, CPOA®, ACCA®, CPA®

Supporting organizations to improve and digitize their business processes as well as implement various enterprise and line of business technology solutions has enabled me to amass a wealth of experience.

I now leverage my wealth of experience, gifts, skills, talents, and a good understanding of business processes, technology, and networks to equip everyday professionals, including those with no prior tech experience, to start careers in tech and business transformation across various industries. This has resulted in a massive success for my clients.

I started nurturing my teaching gift unconsciously back in my university days as a First-Class student, helping my colleagues figure things out through tutorials and one-on-one mentoring.

Teaching and transferring knowledge are my superpowers.

My genius zone is simplifying ideas and concepts in a way that brings understanding to my audience. 




I have had the opportunity to help many aspiring professionals successfully pivot their careers, and I hope you will soon be one of them. 

I am passionate about helping others succeed and fully committed in my little way to achieving the eighth (8th) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) — Promoting sustainable economic growth, productive employment, and decent work for all.

  • I am the founder and lead coach at Pollard Consults
  • An international speaker and writer
  • A chapter leader at the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Halifax chapter
  • A connector with the Halifax partnerships connector program
  • I also work as a Business Analyst/ Project Manager at the Nova Scotia Community College, where I collaborate with the business team to deploy and deliver valuable solutions

 I am so excited to go on this journey with you, watch you evolve, and land your dream job with improved earning power. I can't wait to read your success stories and celebrate you all the way.

Pollard Consults

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Chyno K.

The BA Practicum was knowledge-packed 12 weeks of learning, with a good mix of classroom and practical training. Oge provided mentorship and motivating modules almost on a daily basis, teaching us to believe in our abilities as well as creating a community of BA intellectuals and value-packed resources. Oge opened my mind to leveraging on my past skills/experiences and embracing my latest career journey. She literally took me by the hand and provided guidance till I landed my first job in Canada as a Business Analyst.
I recommend Pollard Consults for anyone aspiring to transition into business analysis.

Oluwatosin Oludayo, United Kingdom

The training with Pollards Consults introduced me to the interesting dynamics of the role of a Business Analyst in a project environment. I wore exciting caps in conducting research, facilitating sessions with stakeholders, and turning business needs to technological languages developers can understand.
During the course of the training, I aimed to learn the different techniques Business Analyst use in a project environment - and I learned quite a number of them in a very practical way.
I particularly loved how case studies were used to drum in techniques alongside the beautific and highly professional PowerPoint slides that were used as teaching instructions. The sample templates that were provided for us proved highly useful: not only did they show me what excellence was, they also made it easier to think through the projects at hand in a more structured way.
To anyone planning to switch to a career in Business Analysis, or upgrade their knowledge in the field, Pollards Consults is the go-to place!

Laolu Adedeji

Switching to a Business Analyst was seemless with Pollard Consult. Throughout the duration of the practicum, I have been equipped and exposed to modern techniques to elicit information from stakeholders down to analyzing the same to modeling use case and writing user stories. The list goes on.

I worked with PMs and collaborated with other BA to work on our weekly sprints and make presentations to stakeholders weekly.

I am fully armed to take on any job as a Business Analyst and even train people.
All thanks to Pollard Consult. I am recommending Coach Oge and her team at Pollard for anyone thinking of changing career to BA or PM. You would get value for money. That is guaranteed!!!

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